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Before Choosing Arizona Health Insurance Read This

December 28, 2012

Things you need to know before choosing an Arizona health insurance broker

Are you aware that numerous notable web sites supplying medical health insurance rates aren’t actually medical health insurance businesses or agents? These web sites gather your individual info then offer this to several health insurance agents, as well as to others which will provide you with different items and services. You most likely didn’t realize that, since they hide this information within their small print.A few of these Health Care internet sites easily sell info to as much as 8 various health care insurance agents! Whenever looking for a health care estimate, there isn’t any cause for you to expose yourself to working with 10 agents. Just about all agents have similar prices. You won’t obtain a much better rate by selecting 1 agent or another. You just need 1 skilled agent who is familiar with exactly what he/she is referring to.

Whenever you look for a web-based estimate, take a look at every web site very carefully. Have they got a contact number and contact info? Is it a licensed agent or agency? Be sure to read the fine print. Check out their privacy policy. If you decide you do want to compare rates from more than one agent, you are better off finding each agent yourself. That way you can check out their website, credentials, etc, before deciding to work with them. If you go to a website that sells your information, you have no idea who could be contacting you.

At Lehrman Group, we will never sell your personal information or share it with anyone, and nobody will call you except upon your request. The information we ask for is used to provide insurance rates to those that request quotes from us, and for no other purpose. We have over 20 years experience as licensed insurance brokers, and we look forward to helping you and your family find the best health insurance available for your circumstances. Click here to get a detailed Arizona health insurance quote, or give us a call at 1-800-600-9663.


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